CSIR-Wang Basig, Climate Smart Hybrid Maize Variety


Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

Maize is the principal staple crop, produced and consumed by most farming households in Ghana.  In northern Ghana, maize is not only a staple crop but also a cash crop that provides income to millions of households. Maize production in northern Ghana is threaten by declining soil fertility (mainly low soil nitrogen), increasing drought incidence and Striga hermonthica infestation (Striga). The combined effects of these stresses can cause yield reduction of up to 80%., with adverse effects on food security and livelihoods of affected households. In order to increase productivity of maize at small-scale farmer level, maize varieties for cultivation in savannah zones should have desirable levels of tolerance to the above stresses.

Technical characteristics of the technology :

CSIR-Wang-Basig was extensively tested for adaptation to drought and Striga across drought prone and Striga endemic areas of northern Ghana. It was also tested for superior agronomic performance and yield potential across major agro-ecological zones of the country. The grain yield of CSIR-Wang-Basig on researchers’ and farmers’ fields were 5.5 t/ha and 2.8 t/ha, respectively.    

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

Cost of seed depending on the Ministry of Agriculture

- Economic profitability :

Economic analysis of the profitability of cultivating this hybrid indicated high net benefits, with high benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 0.9 as compared to BCR of -0.2 of local check varieties tested with the hybrid.

- Comparative advantage :

  • The wider adaptation of CSIR-Wang-Basig makes it a good candidate for seed trade across countries in  Economic Community of West Africa States
  • The commercialization and adoption of this variety will not only improve the yields and food security of farmers but will also improve the local seed sector, create more jobs and improve the livelihoods of rural and urban communities.

Limits of the technology :


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