Dual purpose sorghum varieties - Payenne and Golobe


Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

Presence of tannin which compromises the conservation of sorghum flour and its incorporation in bakery preparations.

Technical characteristics of the technology :

Short cycle of 85/87 to 90 days for Golobe and Payenne respectively; High yield potential - 3.5 t/ha for Payenne and 3.8 t/ha for Golobe; Their flour can substitute wheat flour up to 20-30%; Sweet stem palatable for livestock and suitable for syrup preparation; No tannin; Stay Green character; Insensitive to photoperiod.

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

The same as the existing sorghum varieties.

- Economic profitability :

- Comparative advantage :

Increased grain and straw yields by 20-50% compared to the traditional Bassi variety; Production of good quality grain and fodder; White, tannin-free grains that sell better and do not require hulling before preparation.

Limits of the technology :


Technical sheet