Raw Gadu et Sunugaal


Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

Low yields due to reduced soil fertility and rainfall variations.

Technical characteristics of the technology :

Short maturity cycle - 90 days for Raw Gadu and 95 days for Sunugaal; Larger seed size than the popular variety Fleur 11; Pod yield potential of 2.5 t ha-1 for Raw Gadu and 3 t ha-1 for Sunugaal compared to Fleur 11 (2 t ha-1); Hull yield (3 t ha-1 for Sunugaal and 3.5 t ha-1 for Raw Gadu) compared to Fleur 11 (2 t ha-1); High oil content - 46% for Raw Gadu and 49% for Sunugaal.

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

The same as the existing peanut varieties.

- Economic profitability :

- Comparative advantage :

Early varieties; 30 to 50% increase in yield; Good adaptation to drought; High oil content; Good quality forage.

Limits of the technology :


Technical sheet