Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

This technology solves this problems :

Planting materials infested with pathogens

Unavailability of quality planting material

Low multiplication ratio (less than 1:10 compared to 1:300 for some cereals)

Long dormant phase of the tuber prior to sproutin

Aeroponics production of seed yams in Ghana is seen as the solution to problems related to planting material acquisition

Technical characteristics of the technology :

Aeroponics system’ is a method of growing plants with nutrient water in a soil-less environment.

Crops are grown in a medium that only contains the nutrients, water, light, oxygen and carbon dioxide, without the use of soil

Seedlings are generated from profuse vines produced in aeroponics system.

Single nodes are harvested from lateral branches of the 4–5 months old plants in aeroponics system.

They are rooted on appropriate medium and 6 weeks old seedlings generated are then planted on the field for seed yam production.

In the yam aeroponics system, in vitro generated “clean” virus indexed yam plantlets are hardened in the screenhouse and seedlings are established in aeroponics system.

Aeroponics system for crop production is very advantageous as disease-free materials are produced in the process.

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

The total fixed cost of establishing aeroponics structure - GH₵ 94,178.15 (USD 17,938.69).

- Economic profitability :

The benefit cost ratio amounted to 1.4, which was greater than 1, implying positive returns to investment.

The aeroponics seed yam production system is profitable.

It will take twenty-four months to get back all the investment made to the yam aeroponics system.

The capital investment on the whole looked very expensive but considering long term, the fixed costs were low.

- Comparative advantage :

Clean healthy planting material produced compared to milking and minisett technology.

Limits of the technology :

Dependant on reliable electricity could be a limitation.