MITA is a web-mobile application for information on improved agricultural innovations and technologies and their transactions. It serves as a direct interaction between research users and promoters, involved in technology generation or transfer, to stimulate demand for improved technologies.

MITA's vision is to increase the use and adoption of the best agricultural technologies and innovations to transform African agriculture.

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MITA’s mission is to promote the dissemination of agricultural technologies and innovations to improve the productivity of farmers, processors, entrepreneurs and agro-technology service providers.

As an exhibition and discovery platform for technologies and innovations in the agricultural value chain, MITA aims to attract key stakeholders involved in the supply, transfer and adoption of improved technologies. It facilitate the virtual demonstration of technologies, accompanied by testimonials from users (farmers, breeders, fishermen, processors, entrepreneurs) who contribute to the development of the technology concerned or its adoption.

Countries of intervention

Set up by CORAF, with the support of the World Bank, MITA is one of the major axes of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP), which is oriented towards the dissemination and adoption of technologies by agricultural producers.

MITA operates in 23 countries in West and Central Africa covering 12.3 million square kilometres.

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