Development of above ground fish farming


Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

Above ground fish farming technical 

Technical characteristics of the technology :

- It’s about breeding of clarias fish in above ground bins. Used bins are made of mounted tarpaulins on the wood (see opposite picture). They have a capacity of 2000 liters ( length : 2m ; width : 1m ; height : 1m) and can contain up to 400 clarias fish.

- Trained producers master driving including key element are : dry acquisition (10 g on average), poisoning, locally food production, feeding schedule, renewal of water, control fishing/determination of the ration, sorting, sale, etc. cycle during of clarias fish breeding is on average 6 months.

- above ground fish farming is coupled with biological vegetables production four drain water enhance which is very rich in nutrient.     

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

- Economic profitability :

Income of 50 000 FCFA on area of 1/32 ha

- Comparative advantage :

- Operators capacity on innovative technology : actually, 20 producers including 6 women master clarias fish breeding in above ground bins.

- Answer to locally growing request of users

- Diversification and increase of income : the producers being mainly cereals, above ground fish farming is a activity who provide their a complementary income ; current phase of pre-extension is promising

- Disseminated technology little demanding in space (used bins are mobil food crops)

- Production at least cost (locally food production including cost price is 400F per Kg against 1000F per Kg for commercial food)

- Production of biological healthy vegetables for food. This vegetables to keep better and are very request by vegetables resellers women, what provide complementary income at producers

Limits of the technology :


Technical sheet