Intensification system by cereal/legume association (millet/mung beans)


Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

The low productivity of millet cropping systems.

Technical characteristics of the technology :

2 lines of legume (here mung bean) in 2 lines of millet sown at high density (spacing 0.45 m instead of 0.9 m) and spaced 1.8 m apart to allow the legume to perceive the light; 150% increase in millet yield in Nioro, Senegal without compromising the LER (Land Equivalent ratio).

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

- Economic profitability :

- Comparative advantage :

Diversification of crops; Biological improvement of soil fertility; Increased production and productivity (2 crops on the same area).

Limits of the technology :

Requires modification of current farming practices.


Technical sheet