Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

Technical characteristics of the technology :

Tomato Puree is a preserved food obtained by the partial dehydration of the grind of washed and seedless tomato fruits. It is a semi-liquid product with a final dry matter of 11 to 12%.  Color: bright red, Nutritional composition: vitamin C (22.4 mg/100g); β-carotene: 136.9 μg.

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

The equipment/materials needed for the production of tomato paste are estimated at 1,758,690 FCFA. The amortization period of the equipment varies between one (01) year and five (05) years.

- Economic profitability :

For 230kg of processed tomato fruit, the financial profitability of tomato puree production is 51.21%.

- Comparative advantage :

The improved technology for producing tomato paste using a seeding machine is profitable. The production of a 277g package of tomato paste requires a total expenditure of 364 FCFA and generates a profit of 186 FCFA, i.e. a rate of return of 50%; 100 FCFA invested in the production of 277g of tomato paste generates 51 FCFA as return on capital with the improved method against 32 FCFA for the traditional method, i.e. a rate of increase of 19%; The tomato paste obtained by the improved method is more hygienic and guarantees the sanitary safety of the consumers; The tomato pulp obtained from the tomato complex plus seed extractor has a lower acidity compared to the tomato paste obtained from the traditional condiment mill.

Limits of the technology :


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