Technology name: Development and Release of CSIR-Gbewaa red; a red pericarp nutritious rice variety


Problem that technology is supposed to solve :

With increased literacy percentage and awareness about diets, more people show a tendency to be more health conscious and are interested to take nutritionally enriched foods. Pigmented rice varieties (Red rice) are more nutritious than their white pericarp counterparts. Red rice varieties have special rich flavour. It is also packed with nutrients. The red bran on the rice has high level of antioxidants and flavonoids that are common in red coloured grains and fruits along with naturally produced vitamin E. Certain health-conscious consumers prefer red rice varieties. No red rice variety has so far been released in Ghana. Gbewaa red was released to serve the red rice niche market.

Technical characteristics of the technology :

  • Yield potential: 6-7 t/ha
  • Maturity days: 110-115 days
  • Tolerance to blast:  tolerant
  • Tolerance to BLB: tolerant
  • Aroma: Aromatic
  • Grain color: red

Economic characteristics of the technology

- Acquisition cost :

Cost of seed depending on the Ministry of Agriculture

- Economic profitability :

CSIR-Gbewaa red has a benefit cost ratio (BCR) of 1.72. A BCR value of 1.72 indicates that if a farmer invests GH¢ 1 in the Gbewaa red rice variety, the returns on the investment will be 0.72 after covering the cost of production.  

- Comparative advantage :

CSIR- Gbewaa red is a red pericarp nutritious variety compared to the white pericarp varieties. It was released to serves the health-conscious red rice niche market.

Limits of the technology :

It targets only the health-conscious red rice niche market.


Technical sheet